Loois-Redefining decentralized Exchange

Loois is an absolutely safe and new generation of decentralized exchange where digital assets can complete the transactions without leaving the wallet.

Solve the Pain Points

However, at present, centralized exchanges all have some serious problems

Absolute Security

Assets remains in the wallet until the transaction is completed.

Loois do not manage users’ wallet. The creation and import of wallet are completed locally. During the transaction, your assets will not be frozen, and you can still use them freely. Assets will only leave the wallet until the order is completed. In this way, it ensures the absolute security of assets.

Completely Transparent Capital Flows

Loois do not keep or manage your assets, and you can check your transaction records on Ethereum Explore on anytime. All of the records are untamable, and users can control their own capital flow well in hand.

Shared Order Pools

Loois solved the problem of insularity of orders for centralized exchanges. Loois shares the order pools with all other pools on Loopring Protocol to achieve network-wide and cross-exchange order flow.

Best Price and Lowest Commission Fee

In a centralized exchange, all the pending orders will be completed follow the order of price, and thus lack of flexibility.
However, Loois will help users to save more commission fee. With the Ring-Minning technic of the Loopring Protocol, Loois can find profit-optimized solution by matching one order with multiple other orders.

Line planning